Dear Wildcat Parents,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Lake Highlands High School! It is an exciting time in our community, as we begin our first year of the completed merge of LHHS and LHFC, prepare for the planned technological and facility improvements that will begin to take place in the coming year, and welcome our new principal, Dr. Joshua Delich, and the new teachers, coaches, administrators and staff members who join the dedicated team leading our kids toward the future.

We take great pride in our school’s strong tradition of excellence, while envisioning a future rich in knowledge, achievement and fulfillment for our children.

The LHHS PTA is a key component of ensuring LHHS continues to be “The School of Champions.” We are a powerful partnership of educators, parents and students, who share a passion for making sure the student of Lake Highlands 1) receive an exceptional education, and 2) enjoy the ability to develop their talents in music, athletics, theatre, art, dance and many other areas.


The LHHS PTA is education’s strongest voice in the Lake Highlands community. Our PTA is successful because of the involvement of so many in our community. The LHHS PTA is most known for its volunteerism – parents who quietly donate their time and talents throughout the school to show appreciation for our teachers and staff, support families in need, and to bolster the experience for our kids. We are beyond grateful to all of you!


But the PTA is also successful because of our strong base of membership and financial support. You do not have to be a volunteer extraordinaire to be a part of the PTA; your membership and participation also send a strong message. Just ask the LHHS staff, which achieved 100 percent membership in the last school year and helped bring our overall membership to a seven year high in 2016-2017 (a trend we hope will continue)!


On behalf of the entire PTA Board of Directors, thank you for your continued support and dedication. If you haven’t yet made the commitment, we invite you to become involved in the LHHS PTA. Answer the call to play a key role in preparing our Wildcats for the rapidly-changing world in which they will learn and lead. We look forward to seeing you!




Allison Griffin

LHHS PTA President 2017-2018