Get Involved — Volunteer!

Step 1: Complete your volunteer background check 

If you wish to volunteer in the Richardson ISD and at LHHS for the school year, you must complete the RISD Volunteer Application after August 1st.  You must resubmit this every year. 

Step 2: SIGN up to volunteer 

Check back for volunteer opportunites!



Any work you do for the school - PTA, committees, planning & extracurricular activities that you give your time to (Band, Dettes, Cheer, Academic Clubs, Booster Clubs, and on and on...) count for hours to report. Don't forget to include both parents! 


Pick from two easy ways to report:

1. Click here and fill out the easy form.

2. Email the LHHS Volunteer Chair at


You'll need to report the amount of time, the activity and the month. Thank you for reporting and for all that you do to make LHHS so wonderful!